The Difference Between Congas and Bongos

These (on the left ) are CONGAS. They are larger and sit on the ground when played. The song “What’s Going On” uses congas in addition to drum set. Many people mistakingly think these are bongos.

The drums on the right are BONGOS. They are are held between the knees when drummers play them. They also have a very hi pitched sound. The song “Outstanding” by the Gap Band, uses bongos in addition to the drum set. Go and look up the song and see if you can hear them. Bongos are also featured prominently in the theme from the court TV show “The People’s Court”

You can hear both, the congas (on the right) and bongos (on the left) in this video by Celia Cruz and La India. The song is “La Voz de la Experiancia” The Voice of Experience. The conga player (conguero, in Spanish) is standing whereas the bongo player (bongocero, in Spanish) is sitting.


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