Notation Rhythm Lesson

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Here’s a short video lesson, on two rhythms that are often confused when written.

Fundraiser to support music for youth!

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The importance of positive feedback!

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It’s important for us as artists, to encourage one another by giving both positive and constructive feedback. It’s also important for the person on the receiving end to humble themselves enough to receive that feedback.

George Clinton and Me @ Berklee!

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Once upon a time, George Clinton showed up and taught a class at Berklee. George was scheduled to come to Berklee with MTVu and teach a class and was pleasantly surprised to find Berklee had a P-funk Ensemble which was formed by then instructor, drummer David Cowan. Check it out! A good time was had by all!

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These two rhythms are not the same!

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The Difference Between Congas and Bongos

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These (on the left ) are CONGAS. They are larger and sit on the ground when played. The song “What’s Going On” uses congas in addition to drum set. Many people mistakingly think these are bongos. The drums on the right are BONGOS. They are are held between the knees when drummers play them. They […]

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Music lessons available in Southbay (Los Angeles)

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  Cariko Music Group by Cariko Music Group Music Lessons for all levels and styles. If you want to take your playing to the next level, or if you just want to learn a new instrument in order to enrich your life, give us a call! Ruri… Questions? Comments? Requests? Get in touch. Contact Now […]


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There’s no such thing as playing a “CHOP”

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Martin Luther King

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I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland Ohio, called Cleveland Heights. My family moved there during the Summer, right after I turned six years old. Though not a perfect place, the Cleveland Heights/University Heights School system was (in my opinion) decades ahead of it’s time. Though I struggled with my identity as a black […]

Video Release by Andy Vargas & One Tribe Nation

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Santana singer Andy Vargas teams up with One Tribe Nation on music video. Great latin-flavoered rock! Rockin band, and great guitar work. A song of struggle working through issues that cause inner turmoil.

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