The importance of positive feedback!

In the past week and a half, musicians I respect a lot have made these statements about me, 1) “I love how musically you play”, and “You make really great musical decisions. All the time!” And then, yesterday, another person left me this message, “Your playing is refined and deep. You are a great listener and feeler … Amazing what a difference a drummer makes” And, yes…I’m bragging about it a little bit. =)

We can’t always look for complimentary statements about our work. It’s important to always just do our best at all times. But, sometimes, things can happen that cause me to question whether what I do is worth anything to anyone but me. So, it is really nice to get positive feedback sometimes. It’s encouraging. And, if you don’t dig what I do and actually wanna keep things 100 and want to be helpful, then pull me aside and say, “Hey, brother. I would call you again, but before I can do that, I feel like I want more of this from you, or more of that from you. Perhaps you can work on that a little more and then maybe we can work together again.”

That is a constructive way to relate to folks. But, of course, it is a very un-Hollywood way of doing things. How about a paradigm shift? Can my ego take a little constructive critique? I hope so.

Featuring Mao Shimizu and Amin El! Sept. 25 =)

If you dug the Tuesday night jam we had back in June, then you’ll LOVE this. Come on by 2nd Street Jazz which is located in Little Tokyo! for a night of great music and great fun!
This time we feature singer Mao Shimizu and singer/multi-instrumentalist Amin El both doing their own set of music with our stellar band of some of LA’s finest musicians on the jazz scene! Just as before the featured show will be followed by a jam session. So, musicians, bring your instruments, singers bring your you imagine someone actually leaving their voice at home? But, I digress..come out! Great music, great fun, great company in a cool venue where music is king! 5 dollar cover. See you there! 366 East 2nd Street Los Angeles, CA 90012

Sullen Clothing Photo Session

a photo session date down at Sullen Clothing in Orange County

Birthday gig@ 2nd St Jazz- JUNE 26!

Ok, so, I finally got around to booking a POS gig, here, in the Cali! Never played a professional gig, as a leader, in my home country. So, I’ve decided to make this next birthday my debut! If you’re in the metro-LA area, please come out and celebrate my BIG DAY with me! I’ll be joined by talented singer Mao Shimizu, guitarist Takahito Mori, and Bassist Jeff Littleton!

Join us at 2nd St Jazz in Little Tokyo! We start at 8:30PM ONE SET FOLLOWED BY JAM SESSION!


Live video clip from One Tribe Nation show at The Mint (Los Angeles)

One Tribe Nation & Snarky Puppy

This is going to be one amazing night! The tribe will be performing at The Mint LA (TICKET INFO HERE) in the slot preceding an awesome Brooklyn-based band called Snarky Puppy! If you haven’t heard of them, you really should check them out! Truly fantastic stuff! We in One Tribe Nation are honored to be on the bill with them and and really looking forward to this show! We hope you’ll come out and bring friends as this is a very important night for the band. We’re planning the hard-release of our album,”We Are The One”, for shortly after that night. Check out the Snarks at this link

Drumming & Dance!

I am happy to announce that I have teamed up with the beautiful, talented and knowledgable Michelle Chua of Root 2 Rise Yoga! We have embarked on a venture of community and team building incorporating our combined passions of movement, music, and the desire to help people be more healthy.

Michelle offers several yoga classes throughout the week including the Monday morning Rise & Dance class for which I have been joining her on drums! We’ll be available, in the near future, for community/team building events, drum/dance circle facilitating for parties and other similar events. More news to come!

You can check out Michelle’s site at THIS LINK!

One Tribe Nation releases video!

Big news,right now is that my band,One Tribe Nation, is now finished with our long awaited album and it’s due out in March! Here’s a video for our song,“It’s Time”
This video tribute to Occupy Los Angeles and the greater Occupy movement world-wide was directed by acclaimed video director, Leonardo Bondani who has worked with with Moby, Perry Farrell, David Bowie, U2 and many more.


Well, the Manila trip went really well! Fans loved the show and I had a little bit of time to check out the city. Not a lot, but a little. I’ll be posting some pics soon! Look out for those in the coming week as well as some clips from recent ZUR activity! ALSO news about the upcoming ONE TRIBE NATION record! FINALLY being mixed!

The creative process! New music coming soon!

Been doing some writing lately. Pulling out the guitar every time I have a moment to just sit with it and mess around.
I’ve really been liking some of the ideas. I’m looking forward to sharing some of them with you once I’ve got a handful of them done. This past three or four months has been full of deep learning experiences that have significantly changed the way I relate to people. It’s especially true for those who are closest to me. Some of that change will be reflected in the next batch of new songs. Stay tuned in if you’d like to stay in the loop about new music and the like. There are special benefits, if you join the family, like free music and all kinds of other goodies. Plus it’ll make it easier for me to let you know when I’m going to be in YOUR town for a show! =)

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