On The Spot Geeto (pronounced Jee to)- memories of my father in the words of my cousin Clinton Droster

When my family moved here, some twenty-plus years ago, and we knew no one and nothing of this town, except that we had a ton more cousins here than we did in Chicago. Who was it that made sure we got settled in and knew the town and knew our family. It was ..”On the spot.. Geeto.”
When my sister Christal, had her first born, and was a single mom, whenever she needed something for her daughter or herself. Who was always there?.. “On the spot..Geeto.” (It was usually in the car already.)
When my brother, Toby, had his two daughters and they needed something. Who was always there?..”On the spot..Geeto.” He loved those girls like they were his own.
Through my young adult plus days, when I wanted to be a rebel and test the strengths of time. Who was always there when things went astray?..”On the spot..Geeto.”
When my mom needed someone there to console her over her defiant child, or when she wanted to share happy and joyful times. Who was always there?..”On the spot..Geeto.”
When she needed a big brother to lean on, or sometimes to watch the dog while we were out of town, Who was there?..”On the spot..Geeto.”
When we had family here from out of town, Who was there to share in the laughter, excitement and Food?..”On the spot..Geeto.”
When we had family events right here in Cleveland, Who was always right in the middle of everything?..”On the spot ..Geeto.”
Then, some years ago, I thought my Father was calling me home, but it wasn’t just yet. When I woke up, Who was at my bedside next to my mother?..”On the spot ..Geeto.”
I’m also sure, as a firefighter, whenever somebody needed help, Who was always there?..”On the spot..Geeto.”
We never had to chat much, but somehow alway’s knew what was on each other’s minds. I could tell Geeto was exceptionally happy for me when a God-fearing woman entered my life.
Over the summer, I was looking for a bike rack for the car, so I asked Geeto to find one for me. So a couple of weekends I decided to go looking myself at garage sales, and who did I see every weekend?..”On the spot..Geeto.”
Geeto never had a negative word to say about anybody. He was always “On the spot” with a positive attitude, except for the ‘Browns’, (but I guess he was right especially after this past weekend, when we still don’t have a quarterback.) Geeto would always say, “The Browns ain’t going to do nothing!”
Two Saturday’s ago, when my mom’s church had a spaghetti dinner, Who was there?..”On the spot..Geeto.” It was never hard to entice Geeto with food, even though he said ” I should have been there cooking!”
Last Tuesday I saw Geeto at Marc’s, and we chatted for a little while. Then he went to do a little shopping, probably going to pick something up to be a blessing for somebody else, so he could be “On the spot” for them.
If I could have been a fly on the Pearly Gates of Heaven, I could just imagine what Our Father would have said! Well done my son, for you have filled All the Spots that you were supposed to. Now come and fill this Spot, which I have saved for You!
We all have stories like this.
For whether Geeto was a Father, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle, Cousin, Firefighter, or just a Friend….Geeto left a Spot on All of Us….A Very Big Spot.
Thank you for letting me share my memories with you. God Bless!
~ Clinton Droster, South Euclid, Ohio

Pop-the living years

I never wanted to think about the reality of life without my father around. But this is inevitable if we go through the normal course of life. I never realized how fortunate I was to even have a father I could identify, much less actually have a relationship with him, until I was much older. So many people don’t have that. I’m grateful that I did. My pop was awesome. If my dad had a baseball career that paralleled his aptitude for fathering he would have been Babe Ruth…or Hank Aaron. The home run king of fatherhood. And though far from perfect my pop taught me a few very valuable life lessons not by telling me what to do. But by what he modeled. As they say, your kids will hear what you say, but ultimately they will do what you do.

There are many things I wish I’d said to my dad while he was alive. But I just never knew how. Fortunately the words “I love you” weren’t among those lost words. My father and I showed our love, both, with word and action. But,still, I wish I could have allowed my mouth to say more of what my heart needed to communicate to him. My dad is my hero.

I have often been slow at figuring out what I needed to say to people. Words would avoid entering my brain until my emotions could be sorted out into something that could be verbally expressed with some clarity.
But then other times I have no problem expressing myself. My pop was everything we learn not to believe in when we grow up. He was Super-man, Santa claus, the Easter Bunny etc..all rolled into one extremely generous, and kind, family oriented man.

I have learned from his successes and his mistakes. Over the years. I watched a man of often few words slowly learn how to communicate to people he loved. Once he just started talking to me about this Mike and The Mechanics song “the Living Years”. It was totally out of the blue..that was years ago….he talked about letting people know how you feel while their still around to hear it. And I watched him in the following years do his best to do that as difficult as it was for him at times.

I’m kind of just rambling now. But I will share this because maybe someone else has felt what I’m feeling right now. Maybe someone else will feel these feelings at a later time. We all need each other. So a hope that my sharing blesses you. Enjoy the video. this song speaks to me..and I can’t get it out of my head anyway. So I may as well share it with you. This is likely just the first of , a few entries about my dad. I invite you to return if there is something here that blesses you. peace

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