My first trip to Manila!

This will be my first visit to Southeast Asia in a very long time! I’ll be playing with the dynamic seven time Grammy Award-winning duo, Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr! This will be a really fun how, so I highly recommend you check it out if you’re in that the Philippines at that time. If you’ve got friends and/or family there , please let them know. It’s a fun, and high quality musical performance! They’ll be glad they came. To my best knowledge, this is our only show in the Philippines. There was talk of another show but that show was not confirmed.

Spreadin’ peace in San Diego TONIGHT!

Oddly enough there exist some very effective weapons for spreading Peace. Music is one such “weapon”. My friend Kenwood Dennard would say that music is a type of “non-violent fist”.

So, I’m about about to do my part tonight and tomorrow and spread some peace down here in San Diego w/ my brother Lennox. Check the calendar for details. Come be peace with us.

Lennox’s Youtube

FREE DOWNLOAD! Music from a Live performance in Yokohama, Japan!

Finally I’ve got some new music for you all to check out! In Summer 2009 I went to Japan for 2 months and did a lot of playing. Some friends and I had been trying to get together to work on some music for quite a while and I finally managed to get myself over there. We (the band AND the fans) enjoyed a lot of super-charged magical musical moments during that trip. We’d like to share some of those with you. I call this project the Phunk Organik Society. My friends Moto and Hiroshi spent the better part of 20 years playing on the Chicago RnB scene playing with Sugar Blue and Mavis Staples among others. These guys are the best of the best and I’m privileged to be able to play with them.

The download is free for anyone who signs up to receive the monthly(ish) newsletter. You’ll get updates about shows, clinics, and other new music once it’s available. You’ll also be the first to know when we have a show in YOUR area! Pretty cool,huh? IF, for some reason, you don’t receive the link for the free download in your inbox, email me back and I’ll see to it that you get it. Thanks so much for your support! Enjoy the music!


A cool gig LA you should know about!

So I’ve been working with this band One Tribe Nation for a couple years and for the last year or so we’ve been kind of on hiatus while our producer Chris Baseford finishes our album in between all of his really big projects with people like Rob Zombie and Tommy Lee and other folks of that ilk! Wel the other day I get a call from bassist and One Tribe Nation band-mate Dave Filice. He says he’s playing with really cool artist named Ashley Turner and they’ve got an EP release gig coming up and find themselves in need of guess what- you guessed it- A drummer! So I get the music and start listening and REALLY dig the stuff! Interesting songs and melodies and even some interesting metric shifts. And all of that without sounding pretentious! We’re playing at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach tomorrow (WEDNESDAY) night at 10PM!  Come by if you’ve been waiting to check out one of my gigs in town! =) Get full detail at my calendar link.

Here’s an interview of Ashley in The Beach Reporter

The creative process! New music coming soon!

Been doing some writing lately. Pulling out the guitar every time I have a moment to just sit with it and mess around.
I’ve really been liking some of the ideas. I’m looking forward to sharing some of them with you once I’ve got a handful of them done. This past three or four months has been full of deep learning experiences that have significantly changed the way I relate to people. It’s especially true for those who are closest to me. Some of that change will be reflected in the next batch of new songs. Stay tuned in if you’d like to stay in the loop about new music and the like. There are special benefits, if you join the family, like free music and all kinds of other goodies. Plus it’ll make it easier for me to let you know when I’m going to be in YOUR town for a show! =)

Click HERE to join the rest of the family!

David appears on new bluesy recording with guitarist Gabe Rosenn

I played on this album last Summer! Nice set of bluesy fusion!

Gabe’s album on CDbaby!

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If you’re on facebook you can check out my music page there complete with music, pics, and performances schedule!

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Young Prof track with Atomic Tom

Find more artists like David Cowan at Myspace Music

I played on this track on a discontinued Atomic Tom album called Anthems for the Disillusioned. All you indie college rock enthusiasts check it out! I hope you dig it!

Old session with Atomic Tom

Find more artists like David Cowan at Myspace Music

I recorded this a while back and it’s on a discontinued album by Atomic Tom check it out!

ZUR @ HOB Anaheim-Sept.2010 ‘Amor Digital’

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